A year in the garden: the ultimate planting guide

A year in the garden: the ultimate planting guide

Posted 2nd April by Peter Byrne

Now that spring is underway, many of us will be thinking about what we can do to make the most of our gardens

If you'd like to transform your garden into a colourful retreat, but find yourself unsure as to what needs planting when, Kam Dhillon, Category Manager at B&Q, is on hand with his tips to talk you through each month of the year...

April - begin the garden kitchen

"Growing your own produce is one of the most rewarding things to do in your outdoor space, and with its longer, lighter days, April is the best time to start your ‘grow your own’ project. This time of year is best for planning ahead and sowing all of your favourite Christmas vegetables such as parsnips, leeks and of course Brussels sprouts."

May - bed time

"It’s flower season, so time to get inspired by all the hottest horticulture trends. Bedding plants such as busy lizzies are a brilliant way of injecting colour into your garden, and can also be used in hanging pots or baskets if you have a smaller space such as a balcony."

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June - welcome in wildlife

"Rapid urban development means bees and butterflies have to travel further and further between areas that are suitable for them to feed and nest, and safe spaces with suitable flowers are harder to come by."

"To give bees a helping hand, why not build your own nature reserve and create homes to attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies. With fragrant purple flowers, lavender is easy to grow and a sustainable plant that doesn’t rely on pesticides or fertilisers. It can also be grown in pots, containers or garden borders - and thrives best in fertile, well-drained soil in a sunny position."

July - blooming lovely

"It’s time to preen your plants by making sure they are regularly deadheaded and well-watered. Deadheading keeps your plants looking fresh and vibrant, and regularly watering your plants helps to keep them nourished during the heat of summer."

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August - make the most of it

"August is the time to harvest and enjoy all your delicious homegrown fruits and vegetables. Make sure to keep feeding your soil with fertilisers, green manures and lots of water, whilst also harvesting your crop and re-using the space as quickly as possible by sowing fast-growing varieties that will be ready quickly such as spinach and radishes."

September - spring preparation

"While still enjoying your garden, now’s the time to start thinking ahead to next year. Flowers such as daffodils and tulips need lots of time to flourish, so plant them in September to ensure a lovely Spring bloom."

October - keep your garden chirping

"As the weather starts to get a little colder, why not make your garden a haven for birds. Adding tasty feeders and comfy houses can help attract them to your space - time to get the binoculars out!"

November - Autumn tidy-up

"It’s time for the Autumn tidy-up. From neatening borders to clearing weeds, there’s lots to keep you busy. It’s also best to remove fallen leaves from the crowns of plants to prevent rotting, lift tender perennials and tender bulbs from their beds and bring indoors and continue planting spring bulbs ready for the following year."

December - Take root

"Harvest veggies such as leeks, parsnips, cabbages and sprouts ready for a delicious Christmas dinner. December is also the perfect time to finish the year off with a final tidy-up. Fork over empty flowerbeds and vegetable plots and turn some manure or compost through the soil - this increases the nutrient value of the ground ready for new plants to be grown next year."

January - new year, new garden

"January is the time to make a fresh start, especially in your garden. A great way to start the year off on the right foot is to shred your real Christmas tree and add it as a top layer to your soil to keep it healthy - benefits include preserving your soil’s moisture, reducing weed growth and acting as a protectant."

February - plan ahead 

"February is the best month to start planning and preparing your garden for Spring. Start sowing your own vegetable seeds and use a propagator to germinate your seedlings - cucumbers and tomatoes are a great place to start and can be easily transplanted once Spring comes."

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March - take action

"March officially marks the start of Spring, so it’s time to start planting your flowering bulbs and seeds for beautiful summery blooms. Flowers such as lupins and sweet peas can establish quickly outside of growing season and will add beautiful colour and fragrance to your garden by the time Summer comes around."

Guide and lead image courtesy of B&Q

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