7 ways to get the sophisticated glamour look in your hall

7 ways to get the sophisticated glamour look in your hall

Posted 1st April by Peter Byrne

The first thing that anyone will see when they come into your home will be the hallway - you subsequently need it to make a good impression

If you're looking to achieve some sophisticated vibes in your hallway, Nick Acaster, Managing Director of Stair Rods Direct, is sharing his tips for creating a glamourous space.

One of 2019's biggest interior design trends is set to be refined glamour - it's a style that's heavily inspired by art deco, and sees muted colours, luxurious fabrics and matte finishes combine to create a more modern and lavish interior.

The trend is a great way of freshening up your hall, especially as its's a room that’s often neglected during the decorating process. Muted colours, matte metals and decadent fabrics can all be used to give it some sophistication and set the tone for the rest of your home.

Give these tips a try to create the look for yourself...

1. Colour

The shades to consider are dusky pinks, pewter grey and white.

2. Materials

With this trend, the key materials are velvet, marble, brass and iridescent glass. You're aiming to create a soft look, where fine metal details create a bit of an edge. You want to choose a metal with a matte finish, and ensure every element, from the door handles and thresholds to sockets and stair rods, matches to create a harmonious appearance.

3. Shape

We won't always think about the shape of the hallway - however, this look works really well with geometric shapes and art deco style accessories.

4. Walls

Maintain a simple colour and stick to pale pinks, light grey and whites. A great way to make your space seem bigger will be with mirrors - why not think about an art deco mirror? It adds a touch of style, opening up the room.

5. Flooring

A key material in this trend is marble - a great way to bring it into your home is through the floors. You can get marble-effect tiles that are made from ceramic – these are easier to maintain as they neither scratch nor mark easily.

Another look to consider is wood – however, it could be best to stick to a more natural-looking wooden floor, like walnut. If your staircase is in the hallway, you could always add a stair runner to bring some texture and warmth in – it’s also a brilliant way of adding colour and pattern.

6. Lighting

When you're creating sophisticated glamour, the key is minimalist lighting, as it ensures your hallway isn't too cluttered. The look relies on a metal light fixture and works well when bringing other metal details together in the room.

7. Finishing touches

A huge look in interiors is iridescence - the mermaid effect. Why not bring some careful sparkle into your room, to create pearly shimmer?

Another great addition is fringing. Picking a fringed lightshade or cushion can really add to the art deco feeling.

Lead image: Stair Rods Direct

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