8 ways to create a mood-boosting space

8 ways to create a mood-boosting space

Posted 1st April

Recently released research has found the clutter in our homes is giving an increasing number of Brits anxiety

Findings from Ideal Home Show revealed 52 per cent of Brits are anxious, while over a third put their feelings down to their home having unfinished interior designs.

39 per cent will declutter their home to improve their mental wellbeing, and it was found that 56 per cent think that having an ordered wardrobe helps them feel better, while 50 per cent feel calmer with the addition of plants.

So, how can you create an open plan living and dining space?

Well, architect Diego Seisdedos is aware of the impact interior design can have on your mental and physical wellbeing through the work he has done for his in-house cancer charity, Maggie's, who are Ideal Home Show's charity partner.

He is now sharing his tips to help you create an environment that will make you feel happier and calmer...

1. Flooring that lifts the space

If you have wooden flooring, it could be worth painting it white - this reflects the light, lifting the room in the process. A white floor also gives you the freedom to add colour in other places - opting for a bright and interesting rug for instance, can compliment this perfectly.

2. Colour choice

Colour will have a big impact on the way we feel. Red is linked to hostility and can leave you feeling anxious, while white promotes cleanliness and purity. If you want a sense of calmness, go for white, pale and neutral shades. Like the flooring, pale walls provide the chance to bring in colour through other pieces - the windows or door frames, for example.

3. Zone away

There's no denying an open plan space can refresh your room, as it allows light to flow in. However, at the same time, you can still come up with separate areas without using partition walls. For instance, why not try creating different zones?

4. Overhead no-no

Having overhead lighting can create all kinds of strange shadows – get around this with lamps. If you pick side lights, they're less austere and lead to a homelier environment, while with mid-level lamps will spread light in more ambient ways.

5. Ornaments and trinkets provide good memories

A great way to give your home character will be through personal possessions, be it mementos from somewhere you've visited, or pieces with sentimental value. It’s a permanent reminder of the happy memories you have, yet at the same time, choose carefully, so you avoid a space that’s too cluttered. Picking brightly coloured artwork will be another great way of brightening and lifting the mood of a space.

6. Screen goodbye

If you're creating a mood-boosting room, try to avoid screens - too much screen time has been linked with an increase in anxiety levels. In a similar vein, not having a clock on the wall can give you a more relaxing space and leave you feeling like you're less time-pressured. Instead, rely on a watch to check the time.

7. Outside in

Positioning plants around the room will make you feel more connected to nature. Surround your windows with some plants, as this can lead to a more natural feeling experience.

8. Decluttering

Make sure the space is clear by staying away from shelving. This can cause clutter, resulting in anxiety. Similarly, make sure you file away paperwork that can encourage you to think about your to do list, and instead keep your space as clean and tidy as possible to make the most of mood-boosting ability.

The Ideal Home Show – the world’s longest running exhibition – runs at Olympia London until Sunday, April 7. For more information, see idealhomeshow.co.uk

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