6 ways to get your garden ready for spring

6 ways to get your garden ready for spring

Posted 11th March

With spring on the horizon, it's the ideal time to dust off your gardening gloves and head outdoors

With over 52 per cent of Brits (unsurprisingly) admitting they neglected their garden over the winter months, chances are your outdoor space will be in need of some TLC. That's where these tips from Tiger Sheds come in...

1. Tool check

After a winter stuck in your shed, the chances are your tools will look a bit sorry for themselves. However, all it takes is a little bit of care and they'll be sparkling in next to no time.

Simply grab a damp cloth and give your tools a quick wipe to get rid of any excess dirt or rust. If there are any rusty spots that are causing you grief, try using sandpaper or steel wool - it should make short work of it. When you're focusing on the blades, use an oil-soaked cloth to wipe them down and make sure they're sharpened before using them again.

One thing to remember - make sure you dry your tools prior to storing them - if they're damp, it can cause rot.

2. Furniture spruce up

Before getting it out for its 2019 debut, give your furniture a once-over to make sure it looks its best.

Seize the chance to get the pressure washer out - giving your furniture a wash with the hose can be ideal for making it look tip-top before spring. If you don't want to get it wet, give it a quick wipe down - it gets the job done and leaves it looking clean.

With spring bringing unpredictable weather, you should apply some teak or linseed oil to keep your furniture protected from the elements. And, if you feel especially creative, give it a fresh look with a lick of paint.

3. Fresh trim

There might be no need to mow your lawn just yet, but with the sunshine not too far away, make sure your grass is ready for its first haircut.

For instance, ensure your lawnmower is working after the winter months. If it isn't, it could be worth investing in a new one, before your grass ends up out of control. If your lawnmower is still as good as ever, try sharpening the blades - this will help your grass remain healthy in the long run and gives it a better cut too.

Prior to mowing, clean away any dead leaves, weeds and other debris from the lawn, as this allows the growth to prosper. As April arrives, apply a lawn fertiliser to put your grass in perfect condition.

4. Flower power

Now that winter is over, it's time to revitalise your garden. Be organised - start thinking about your seedlings and bedding plants, so that when the time comes, you can sow your pots, borders and hanging baskets in preparation for summer.

Start weeding straight away. If you begin work on the roots while they're shallow, it helps to prevent it from becoming a bigger job as summer takes over.

Get your soil ready for planting by digging your soil and turning it over - this will let the roots get enough oxygen. If you apply the compost to the soil, it also gives it the extra nourishment too.

5. A taste of the good life

It doesn't matter whether you have an established veg patch or are growing from scratch - the new season is the perfect time for kick starting your garden. While summer may not be upon us just yet, there will still be things you can do with your vegetable patch. There are numerous seeds that can be grown from March onwards, and it means you will be able to enjoy yours before summer has even arrived.

When you're planting your salad crops, the small polytunnels will ensure your plants have the best chance of succeeding.

6. Show shed

Spring gives you a great time to make the most of the pleasant weather, and this includes spring cleaning your shed. It's probably become something of a dumping ground over winter, so the spring months are the perfect time to clear some space before summer comes around. You can combat any unwelcome dust and spider webs by giving it a quick clean, or, if you have the time, why not give it a paint to transform it?

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