Answered: 12 questions you could have about your shower

Answered: 12 questions you could have about your shower

Posted 14th March

Few things beat a nice hot shower

However, if the pressure drops or the water starts coming out cold, it's suddenly a far less pleasant experience. If you don't know what to do in this situation, these tips from Aspect will fill you in...

1. Is my shower electric?

If you have an electric shower, it will be separate from the main water heating system. If you're not certain, the manual will explain what type you have.. However, if the shower head connects to the bath taps, it most likely will not be electric.

2. Is my shower fibreglass or acrylic?

Is the shower surface cold to the touch, even when the room is warm? Then it will likely be made of fibreglass. However, if it feels warm, it's more likely to be acrylic.

3. Is my shower making me feel sick?

If you clean your shower head on a regular, it should stay fairly bacteria free. With UK tap water coming from underground sources, lakes, reservoirs, and rivers, it will be safe to bathe in unless United Utilities advise otherwise.

4. Is my shower drain clogged?

The signs of a blockage include overflowing, water draining slowly, bad smells, and gurgling hoises.

5. Is my shower valve upside down?

The different sides of a valve each have their own functions - therefore, an upside down valve could lead to problems. If you're uncertain, you can get a professional to check for you.

6. Why is my shower leaking?

If there's a problem with the shower head, the pipe leading to the shower head, or even the structure of the shower area itself, it could leak. If you're not sure, a professional could find the source of the leak for you.

7. Why is my shower cold?

There are a few possible causes for this. If you're getting hot water in other parts of the house, chances are it's because there's an issue with the shower's mechanism. However, if you can't get hot water anywhere, it's likely to be a problem with the boiler itself.

8. Why is my shower not working?

If the water supply is affected, United Utilities could be doing a job in the area. It could also be an issue with low pressure, the valve, or even a blockage.

9. Why is my shower so weak?

If you have weak pressure anywhere in the house, it could be because the pump isn't working. If it's not just the shower, it could mean there's a blockage elsewhere.

10. Why is my shower losing pressure?

If you're losing pressure it could be because of a blockage, or else there could be an issue with the pipework, or even with the boiler itself.

11. Why is my shower blocked?

Having minerals in the water can lead to blockages. If you haven't checked your shower head for a while, it could mean there's been some build-up.

12. Why is my shower pump pulsing?

Instead of being a problem with the pump itself, this is likely to be due to a blockage which is making it work too hard.

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