Newsday Tuesday: The 10 things you'll should do if you're selling your home

Newsday Tuesday: The 10 things you'll should do if you're selling your home

Posted 12th February by Peter Byrne

With the news that house sales dipped in 241 of 374 local authority areas during 2018, the process of selling homes has become a significantly more competitive arena

However, if you’re thinking of putting yours on the market, there's no need to despair just yet, as there are a few little tricks you can try for when prospective buyers come knocking.

That's where this survey, conducted by Terry's Fabrics, comes in. It looked into exactly what can be done to make buyers more receptive to the idea of buying a new pad.

For instance, 48 per cent said it is the chance to look for a property which is a 'blank canvas', as this allows them to project themselves onto their ideal home.

It also found the kitchen is viewed as the most important room for potential buyers, with 51 per cent saying it's the room that gets the most focus.

With this in mind, it's time to get proactive and create a home that buyers are unable to resist...

1. Declutter

Now this one is all about getting the balance right. You want to maintain the personal touches, so you have a homely feeling, yet at the same time, achieve a minimalist approach. It's been revealed in studies that a cluttered bedroom can mean up to £10,000 is knocked off your home's value.

2. Refresh the paint

A home with a neutral colour tone is way more likely to attract a buyer, as it allows them to project their own style. Studies have found that the right colour could result in thousands being added to your property's value.

3. Tidy up

Even the little things can have a profound impact on the impression your home gives. Chips in the mouldings, hairline cracks and dusty surfaces all play a part in creating a negative impression.

4. Brighten the space

Make sure none of your windows are obstructed and have been thoroughly cleaned prior to the viewing. Mirrors are another great way of opening a room up and helping to distribute light - think about adding some to the key rooms.

5. Exterior negligence

Don't underplay the importance of first impressions. Some basic landscaping and repainting or cleaning of the entry doors will help potential buyers to feel more welcome before they have even set foot in your home. Working on the kerb appeal also helps to raise your home's value by up to £55,000.

6. Survey to identify issues

No matter how thoroughly you check, you're always bound to miss something. Get around a potentially awkward conversation by hiring a private surveyor, who can look at your property and identify any issues.

7. Hide your pets

Yes, we know - they're our best friends. But you should still consider sending your pet to a friend or relatives before you have a viewing and be sure to deal with any smells that could be associated too. Not convinced? Well, a survey of home buyers found 40 per cent view pets as being a deal breaker.

8. The heart of the home

Is your kitchen looking a bit tired? Then maybe it's time to think about taking some steps to remedy this - for instance, how about changing your cabinet doors? Another good move could be applying a coat of paint - it's a cost-effective way to create a fresh feeling in your home.

9. Bad smells

Smoking indoors could devalue your home by up to 30 per cent. So, be sure your home gets aired out, and if you want to create an extra impact, you could always use some positive smells to create a nice impression - for instance, how about fresh coffee or some scented candles?

10. Professional viewings

You may know your home better than anyone else, but when it comes to showing people around, it's normally best for a professional to do so. It will be their job to know what to say, and people will also feel more comfortable when they're not being watched by the current owners.

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