6 kitchen trends you need to be aware of this year

6 kitchen trends you need to be aware of this year

Posted 1st February by Peter Byrne

Are you planning to work on your kitchen this year?

Well, 2019 is the ideal time for thinking about home revamps, and where could be a better place to start than the kitchen – aka, the heart of the home?

Whether you're thinking of switching a few accessories or want a full revamp, Darren Watts, creative director at Wren Kitchens, fills us in on all the information you could need…

1. Living Coral kitchens

As you've probably already seen, Pantone's Colour of the Year is the gorgeous Living Coral. It's a bright and vibrant shade that you can rely on to give your home some energy.

When it comes to welcoming in the tone, you can always add a subtler hit by opting for a few accessories in the colour (for instance, through your kettle and toaster).

Alternatively, if you’re thinking about a new look, why not opt for a cabinet in the shade.

2. Matt black

The more trend-aware of you will have seen black become a major player in the trend stakes last year, and it's set to continue in 2019. They can provide a sense of depth and drama, particularly when they're complimented with industrial features (these include chunky, metallic handles or cool brickwork).

However, as nice as an all-black cabinet can be, it's not for everyone. Instead, why not create a retro monochrome look; pairing black with bright white gives your room more of a spacious feeling.

3. Brass and copper fittings

After making themselves a feature in our bedrooms and office spaces, the copper trend is now working its way into our kitchens.

So, how can you welcome it? Simple!

Adding taps, lighting and handles in this warm metal shade gives you an effortless way to modernise your kitchen. However, why stop there? You could always go for a copper splashback along with an ultra-chic worktop in the same shade along the kitchen island too.

There's a rise in other metals that are starting to appear too – one trend to keep your eyes peeled for if you want to get ahead of the game is pewter.

4. Terrazzo

It may be 500-years-old, but this trend is back. You can expect to see Terrazzo items of different styles, varying from tiles to worktops and accessories. It's a great – and easy - way to update your kitchen and provides a quirky, Mediterranean feeling.

You could always try to mix the pattern with contrasting textures and colours to show off your individual style, subsequently bringing it into the 21st century and providing a unique, personalised feeling.

5. Pendant lighting

One thing you will understandably want to achieve is a cosy and welcoming, yet undeniably cool, kitchen. A simple way to achieve this? Well, how about clustering pendant lights over your table, island or countertop to create some effortless ambience and to warm up the space's overall feeling? It's also an effortless way to incorporate two trends in one go - copper and metallic lighting will create a great industrial feeling.

6. Modern living walls

2018 was very much the year of the indoor plant - and they're showing no signs of going anywhere this year. Well, that's not strictly true - they’ll be reaching new heights this year, thanks to features like the modern living wall. These can also help to boost your health as they remove toxins from the air, while providing you with fresh oxygen.

Your kitchen will normally be defined by flat surfaces, so welcoming in some thick greenery will give both texture and depth. If you want to try a bit of DIY, old herb planters and wooden pallets could be the way to go.

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