Six lighting trends you can expect to see this year

Six lighting trends you can expect to see this year

Posted 14th January by Peter Byrne

Are you thinking about some new lighting?

With daylight at a premium, making sure we have good lighting becomes incredibly important. To give you a helping hand, The Lighting Superstore is offering the lowdown on all the information you could need to perfect your home ambience.

1. Industrial

The industrial look is all about exposed brickwork, metal pipes and cast-iron radiators - and it's a look that is set to play a prominent part in our 2019 interiors. As such, it's not surprising to hear they'll also play a part in lighting styles too.

It's a style that works particularly well if you want to have a standout feature too, as they can look effortlessly elegant hovering over either a breakfast bar or island.

Having exposed light bulbs also helps to give rooms a lighter and warmer feeling, which subsequently lets you play around with a darker colour scheme too.

2. Au Natural

Sustainability has become a crucial aspect for many of us to consider, and it's starting to feature in interiors too.

People are beginning to add natural materials, such as rope and wicker, with another popular option being rattan. In fact, there are a wide range of rattan light shades for you to choose from, ensuring you get a cosy and fresh home.

3. Rewind!

Get ready to see a number of small household accessories become embellished with what was a staple in the 1970s - fringing.

Regardless of whether you go for a lamp or ceiling light, opting for a fringed finish will provide you with a quick and easy update, and will be another great way to achieve a new burst of life in your home.

4. 'Real' luxury

A return to the more traditional interiors is being seen - however, there's a twist. Think about classic, luxury materials, but with more of an updated colour and finish.

Not sure what we mean? Well, more brass and marble fixtures are beginning to come to the fore, as consumers want to create a vintage look that will be able to age and patina as the years go by.

5. Light is art

Having good lighting will always be a crucial aspect of any home - however, it's only in recent times that people have started to consider the aesthetics of their lighting.

With lighting becoming more of a decorative feature, it's starting to be viewed as standalone art. 2019 will result in an increase in bold lighting shapes, as it begins to replicate the natural and organic silhouettes.

Why not choose an option that's either large in size or has more of an eye-catching style? That way, you can strip back on your accessories within your home and then use the artwork to compliment your existing style.

6. Horizontal lights

Very much on trend this year, you can expect to see your horizontal lights withstand the test of time. They make a bold step away from the more traditional vertical lights, giving you a great feature in your rooms which include minimal furniture and accessories - for instance, the dining room.

Keep your eyes peeled for simple pieces with clean lines. They can really help you to make the most of this look.

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