Five small makeovers to try that could transform your kitchen

Five small makeovers to try that could transform your kitchen

Posted 11th January by Peter Byrne

With it now being viewed as the new hub of the home, it's not surprising that over a quarter of Brits are putting kitchen renovations at the top of their to-do list

It can seem a daunting process to make changes around the home, with the common view being it costs a lot of money to achieve an eye-catching transformation. So, to give you a helping hand, B&Q have partnered with Interiors Blogger Kate Watson-Smyth (aka Mad About the House) to give you the help you need to transform what is one of her favourite rooms around the home.

So, if you want to give your kitchen a transformation without breaking the bank, these tips could be for you...

1. Re-do tiling

"Get playful with tile style and size - new wall tiles can instantly update the look of your kitchen as well as making a statement. Metro, or subway, tiles are a classic shape, but try laying them in a herringbone or vertical pattern – instead of the traditional brick arrangement – for a more contemporary take on the style."

Trentie Grey Gloss Ceramic Wall Tile, Pack of 40, B&Q, £9.60

"Have fun with the finish - tiles now come in a range of materials, shapes and finishes - such as ceramic and porcelain - so make sure you look at everything to find the best one for you. Patterned tiles are also a great way of adding character and personality to a kitchen which is traditionally a space full of straight lines and hard edges. You can also mix and match colours to create stripes or random designs for a completely bespoke look."

2. Think about open shelving

"Shelf Awareness - I’m a big fan of open shelving, which I have in my own kitchen. It’s a great way to show off a collection of pretty glasses and plates or bring in greenery with a collection of herbs. Before you start, make sure you work out what you want to display so you can consider the height of the shelves and the weight of what will go on them."

600mm Cusko White Floating Shelf, B&Q, £9

"Mix your Materials - many kitchens have sleek and glossy cabinets, so think about adding shelves in natural wood to bring warmth and soften the overall feel of the space. Alternatively, if your cupboards are wooden, then an industrial metal or sleek white shelf will provide contrast. The point is to use different materials so that it’s not all matching which will give a more individual finish to your space."

3. Revitalise your worktops and sinks

"Work it with Worktops - updating your worktops can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your kitchen and can be done as standalone project for a fraction of the price of a full renovation. There’s a huge choice available now and you can also mix materials  so consider a wooden worktop on an island, where people might sit and eat, and a quartz-effect worktop around the sink and cooking area. I love composite worktops which look like natural stone but are tougher."

IT Santini Gloss Anthracite Slab, B&Q, 8 Unit Galley Style Kitchen From £1,017

"Get smart with Sinks - even the most ordinary fixture in your kitchen can be updated these days so think about making 2019 the year you let your sink shine. Consider multi-functional taps, double sinks and different finishes. There’s something for every style. I have just installed a matte black tap which goes perfectly with my stainless-steel sink – once again don’t be afraid to mix materials and finishes."

4. Clutter-free kitchen

"Big Difference Small Cost - decluttering the kitchen is kind on both your mind and your wallet. Before you start make up your mind to be ruthless and either throw out, recycle or donate items that you no longer use or need. To make it easier break the job into parts and tackle it one cupboard at a time."

"Maximise Surface Space - keeping the surfaces clutter-free will make the whole room look sleeker and bigger as well as maximising precious workspace. Look out for pan lid organisers you can hang inside cupboard doors and over-the-door spice racks to really help you stay organised. Think about how you use the space and organise it accordingly – make a breakfast station with the toaster and the kettle in one place with the coffee, bread and mugs nearby. Keep tea towels on a rack by the sink."

5. Go on trend with your colours

"Don’t be afraid of Paint - paint is a great way to add colour and personality at low cost and is the single most transformative change you can make. Painting your cupboard doors can be done again and again and will update a kitchen as often as you want without needing to pay for an expensive refurbishment. If you can’t paint the cupboards think about adding a dramatic colour, such as charcoal or navy, on the wall."

Kesseböhmer LH Lemans Corner Cabinet Storage, B&Q, £182

"Accessorise with confidence - these days you can add colour in unexpected ways by upgrading appliances or changing handles and taps and adding new bar stools or lighting. There is a trend towards dark kitchens now and if you’re worried about the room being too dark then keep the walls and floor light and maybe add some more lighting."

Lead image: Cooke & Lewis Katiki Matt Black Kitchen Pin Side Lever Tap, B&Q, £47

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