Seven ways to achieve a dark interior this winter

Seven ways to achieve a dark interior this winter

Posted 29th Nov 2018 by Peter Byrne

One of the must-have interiors looks this winter is proving to be the dark interior, with deep and moody shades starting to make their way into our homes

A particularly popular options is making a statement with charcoal walls, which is providing our homes with some subtle sophistication through the darker accents, while also welcoming in chic, clean lines through a monochrome colour scheme.

It's a trend that has proved incredibly popular on social media - so far, there have been more than 50,000 posts on Instagram that use the hashtag #blackinterior, #blackdecor and #blackhome.

You may stop and think, hang on - why would I want a darker shade when it's already darker outside?! However, it's actually been found that black interiors are growing in popularity, trends data from Google has revealed.

If you're wondering how you can add some darker vibes into your home, Kirsty Mole, Category Manager for Decor at B&Q is sharing her top tips...

1. Inky interior work stations

On a colour psychology level, black is believed to provide protection from emotional distress. A good way to balance your room will be by using some cheerful colour accents which help to balance out the room. A good choice of colour to complement these darker shades is ochre - alternatively, you can try contrasting the inky walls with same pastel shades - it's up to you.

2. Embrace pattern and texture

If you feel particularly brave, you can give your room some opulence by using wallpaper. Bolder patterns like florals or animal prints provide a striking statement that will give a definite focal point.

3. Matt black lighting accents - the secret for renters

If you're looking for a simple way to incorporate the trend into your space but don't want to have a total home overhaul, you can always experiment with lighting and accessories - it's particularly handy if you find you're unable to redecorate (for instance, if you're renting). If you want to create a modern yet romantic vibe, a matt black finish combined with brushed copper effect will be especially effective to create a modern yet romantic vibe.

4. Keep it light

Yes, we are telling you to keep it light despite suggesting you incorporate dark shades! However, we're aware it can seem an intimidating prospect to add black to your home - why not ease yourself in by experimenting with a feature wall?

Choose a room that is filled with natural light as it ensures that even though you have dark walls, the room will still be flooded with brightness. Another advantage of black is it complements a wide range of colours - for instance, you can accessorise with green and gold accents to provide a natural, uplifting look.

5. Monochrome magic

You can add the trend into your kitchen by adapting it to be a part of a monochrome. Pairing chic black kitchen cupboards with crisp white worktops will provide the ultimate impact - you can then finish off the look by adding some dramatic ceiling pendant lights to give you a clean, contemporary finish.

6. Dream big

Give your bedroom a soothing tone by using dusky colours. If you don’t want your room to be too dark, shades like smoky grey or charcoal could be worth considering. Colours like this work especially well with raw materials like wooden furniture and woven rugs, providing a natural look and feeling.

7. The hotel feeling

Mixing light and dark will be a great way to add some luxury to your morning routine. You can get the look at home by opting for classic white fixtures, including sinks and bathtubs. You can then use black tiles, paints and furniture accents to provide some effortless contrast.

If you feel apprehensive at the prospect of using black in the bathroom, you can always try out subtle touches such as painting your cabinets black or decorating with inky accessories.

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