The AW 2018 Home Decor Paint Trends you need to know about

The AW 2018 Home Decor Paint Trends you need to know about


The expert panel at Crown Paints have shared their expertise and knowledge with HomeStyle on the latest Autumn Winter colour trends to help you recreate them in your own home.

All homes - whether you have a 3 bed terraced or 5 bedroom detached, can emulate these paint themes. Whilst trends evolve over time, some remain in fashion for years and years - as opposed to just a season.

2018’s AW design trends feature inky blues and vivid greens to muted hues; and here is the expert guide that will certainly uplift your spirits in addition to your walls despite the cold, blustery evenings...

Midnight Garden

"Nostalgic memories fading in a dream like state, act as the perfect atmospheric background for a moody relaxing interior"

Neville Knott
Crown Colour Consultant

The Midnight Garden look is moody and atmospheric and it can be recreated on a single feature wall or in an entire room using a diverse palette of paints including blues, greys, purples and pinks.

You can recreate this gorgeous theme using wispy lilacs, warm berries and neutral greys to create a cosy winter wonderland in your own home.

You can add the finishing touch with burgundy and navy blue accessories such as candles, flower pots, a chunky throw or simply picture frames.

Crown Colour Inspiration:

● City Break

● Creme De La Rose

● Midnight Navy

● Duchess

● Pamper Night

● Smoked Oyster

● Wonderland


"Bold primary and secondary colours sit side by side and combined with complementary vertical lines, dynamic and vibrant spaces are created. This influence has its roots in heavily filtered photography where reality is distorted"

Lisa Miller
Crown Colour Consultant

Be one with the Earth and Mother Nature with Saturated.

You can opt for a classic feature wall or go bold by painting the whole room using a mixture of saturated reds, burnt oranges and vivid greens.

This trend is beautifully autumnal; capturing the change in seasons perfectly with harmonising colours from the landscape. Think hues of pine green, intense blue and fire reds - these shades are daring and not for the faint-hearted!

So what are you waiting for? Throw on that thick sweater, cosy up in front of the fireplace with a warm cup of hot chocolate (or mulled wine) and let a vision of colour unfold before your eyes.

If you aren’t feeling quite as adventurous, why not balance the bright pops of colour with more subdued shades of grey and brown to create a snug haven that will leave you feeling toasty at this time of year.

Crown Colour Inspiration:

● Chocolate Suede

● Dance Fever

● English Fire

● Mackintosh

● Palm Springs

● Secret Escape

● Scottish Pine

● Top Notch


"We are embracing the natural beauty of weathered, eroded surfaces, taking inspiration from the rich textures and soft tones layered and blended together"

Jemma Saunders
Colour Specialist

As a stark contrast to Saturated, the Washed Trend takes inspiration from earthy, chalky tones, faded fabrics and bleached linens.

Embrace an organic decor with muted hues of greens, pinks, greys and blues. Kick of those wet, winter boots and relax with soft, washed out neutrals that create the ultimate peaceful haven.

If you’re looking to create a space in the home to unwind - such as the bedroom or bathroom - these colours are certainly soothing to looking at and thus will release the calming, artistic inner you. Rest assured all is well after a long, stressful day at work and coping with the British autumnal elements.

Crown Colour Inspiration:

● Almost Sage

● Blank Canvas

● Crushed Chocolate

● Carrie

● Steam Engine

● Sunday School

● Tin Bath

Still not sure which colour pallete is right for you? Choose a paint tester pot of Crown colour to try before you paint the whole room.

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