Seven tips to remember when choosing wallpaper

Seven tips to remember when choosing wallpaper

Posted 23rd Oct 2018

Choosing the wallpaper for your home will have a big influence on your interiors, impacting everything from lighting to furniture choices

It's subsequently crucial to make sure you don't make a hasty decision which could cause regrets down the line.

If you're worried about making the wrong choice, try these seven tips from Vanessa Arbuthnott - they're sure to help you stay aware of the big issues prior to making a final decision...

1. Don't rush

Finding a sample you love is all well and good but it doesn't mean it needs to be used in every room. When you're considering your options, think about the ease of a removable product. Simple to hang, it can also be removed without damaging walls, making it ideal if you're the type of person who gets easily bored, or you like touching up your rooms every few months.

2. Room styling

Make sure you understand the different atmospheres you want your room to have and how your wallpaper choices can convey them.

For instance, if you want a casual feeling, floral designs are worth considering, as they provide an organic ambience and a certain relaxed feel. If you're after a contemporary vibe, how about going for bold geometrics? The high gloss and metallic accents provide an on trend fashion setting.

Perhaps you prefer the traditional route? In this case, stick to intricate details and stripes, which always looks perfect alongside traditional furnishings. Just remember - be consistent and find a pattern that works for you.

3. Feature wall

If you want to add some bold vibes but don't want to go over the top, a feature wall could be the order of the day. The dramatic pattern allows you to highlight areas of the room such as behind the sofa.

4. Kid-proofing

Having children could leave you worried about the state your wallpaper could end up in - thr thought of crayon marks are particularly shudder inducing. A way around this? Well, how about wallpaper coverings? Made from a fabric and paper mix, they work by simply brushing paste onto the wall, before placing the wall covering on to it.

5. Get low

A room with low ceilings can be accentuated by choosing dip dyed wallpapers. As it stands, the design is a very popular interiors trend, with the more intense colour at the bottom fading out to beige or neutrals at the top, creating the illusion of taller walls.

Stripes could be another trick for your arsenal. Use white or a pale colour such as blue to create the impression of height.

6. Don't follow the crowd

You may want your house to be different, and there's no shame in doing so! If you have an unusual style you are drawn towards, go for it as your house should reflect both you and your personality. Quirky wallpaper – for instance, bright and bold patterns or glistening metallics - sets you apart from the crowd, providing a real conversation starter.

7. Textured wallpaper

We'd love it to be otherwise - however, not all walls are perfect. But, there’s a way around this! A paper with a three-dimensional texture or pattern can mask the flaws of a bumpy or irregular textured wall - a heavier and more substantial paper can be chosen but avoid reflective surfaces such as metallics. Textured wallpaper can cover bumps, but if there are any larger cracks or splits, it will need to be repaired or else will continue expanding.

Tips courtesy of Vanessa Arbuthnott

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