Five trends to look out for in 2019

Five trends to look out for in 2019

Posted 23rd Oct 2018 by Peter Byrne

With the last few months of 2018 upon us, it's intriguing to think about the trends that homeowners have been using this year

It's also a great time to actually stop and think about the styles we can expect to see in 2019, as new looks work their way into interiors.

It's for this very reason that property specialists have looked into the interior trends that are being favoured across the country, along with identifying what we can expect to see them swapped for in 2019.

Interestingly, there was found to be a regional preference for specific designs.

For instance, in Scotland, it was Nordic Cosiness that was the most popular style, as they embraced 'hygge', along with pastel tones and clean lines. In comparison, homeowners in the South East preferred the Eclectic Creativity style, which included bright colours and vintage treasures.

There's a strong 70's theme in Wales too, with dark wood and vibrant patterns both standing out. In the North of England, glamour was prioritised, with sleek leathers and chrome accents leading the way. In contrast, the Midlands opted for a traditional approach to Scandi, with minimalism combining with muted hues.

So, as we move into 2019, what can we expect to see 2018's big trends replaced by? Well, here you go...

Trend 1 - Brass

Copper faded away in 2017, and brass replaced it as the metal finish of choice in 2018. Now, as we move into 2019, keep your eyes peeled for concrete. 2019 is predicted to see the industrial trend become a big style. Tough yet practical, it's a style that makes a great addition to the home, especially in the bathroom. You could be forgiven for worrying that it could appear too utilitarian - get around this by polishing it down for a sleek, smooth finish.

Trend 2 - Velvet

You'd have been hard pressed to miss velvet - it was everywhere in 2018, esspecially in sofas and soft furnishings. And, as we move into 2019, it's time to swap it for Passementerie!

Image courtesy of Shutterstock VDB Photos

It's all about the art of making an elaborate trimming or edge - think fringing and tassels. The beautifully retro trend is full of vibrant colour combinations and unusual shapes. In short, it's perfect if you want to accessorise a plain background, and also provides your interiors with a fabulously flirty feeling, and texture too.

Trend 3 - Terracotta and rust

One of 2018's bolder trends, terracotta and rust both appeared in homes up and down the country this year. 2019 will see it swapped out for Honey and Nude, as a more elegant palette of warm, autumnal shades start to appear. If you're looking to add the trend, think of the warming shades of classic cashmere, sand and oatmeal.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock / DotExe

Trend 4 - Dark Stain Wood

The glamorous 70's-style dark stain proved to be a prominent style in furniture throughout 2018. As we move into 2019, get ready to swap this for Crittall - the irrevocably English style lends itself to the industrial trend that is set to take off next year, and provides an edgy and versatile feeling. It's all about the urban dwellings that are multi-purpose, as metal framing can effortlessly change a space, thus letting light in. Expect to see this trend everywhere, from doors, to room dividers and even shower screens.

Trend 5 - Terrazzo floors

Providing a wide plethora of colour combinations, alternative flooring has had a big impact in 2018. This will be taken a step further in 2019, when you can expect to see Scallops and Scales come in. Interiors will take the plunge and dive into the ocean, with, curved, scalloped furniture stepping into our living spaces and bedrooms. Mermaid and fish scale tiles will also be there, breathing life into every bathroom or kitchen surface.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock / Image Flow

Lead image left: Shutterstock / DotExe; image right: Shutterstock / Image Flow

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