The ultimate guide to buying a carpet

The ultimate guide to buying a carpet

Posted 3rd Aug 2018 by Peter Byrne

Choosing a carpet can be a complicated process

There's a lot more to it than simply finding a style you like. Instead, different rooms normally have specific requirements and will subsequently benefit from a particular pile, finish, pattern and backing too.

For instance, high traffic areas such as the stairs, will require a heavier duty carpet to withstand the excessive wear. In comparison, the less used rooms, such as the bedroom, can have a more luxurious pile and less forgiving colours.

By taking some care when you choose your carpets, you can make sure they stay in top condition for years.

So, what does this involve? Find out here...

The kitchen / dining area

Increasingly referred to as the 'hub of the home', it’s perhaps not surprising that our modern kitchens are starting to feature 'islands', the ideal setting for informal dining.

Due to the amount of food preparation and consumption that occurs in this area, it's worth having an easy to clean carpet which has a short pile - this will prevent scraps becoming ingrained.

Requirements: Practical, hygienic, easy clean, stain resistant, short pile.

The living room

Another heavily used space, the living room is a communal area where the whole family relax and watch TV. As we spend so much time here, living rooms are one of the most popular rooms to redecorate, with the room quickly and simply transformed and refreshed with new soft furnishings, cushions and throws. As such, it's worth choosing neutral colours and designs for your long-term furnishings such as carpets.

Requirements: Stylish, durable, neutral colour / design to adapt to frequent changes of decor.

Landings, Hallways and Staircases

These are all high traffic areas - even if you have a 'no shoes indoors' policy, you can count on wet or muddy footprints somehow working their way into your hallway. It will subsequently be well worth investing in a practical, durable model that will contain stain repelling technology. Think about the length of the pile – if it’s longer, it can represent a trip hazard on the stairs and appear tired when it becomes flattened due to continuous use.

Requirements: Durable, easy clean, practical / neutral colour to lead into all rooms.

The bathroom

With people continuously getting in and out of the bath and shower, bathroom floors will take quite the battering. It’s become a commonly held belief that carpets can harbour mould spores, which will create damp.

However, new water resistant carpet technology means having a carpet could soon be the ideal choice for the bathroom - as well as being treated to prevent damp and mould, it would provide warmth, comfort and softness under foot.

Requirements: Waterproof backing, short pile, soft, hygienic.

The master bedroom

The main bedroom is a room where you should be focusing on luxury. Having a longer pile carpet will help you to indulge in cushioned underlay which provides comfort under foot, helping to retain heat inside the room and provides noise insulation to enable undisturbed sleep.

Requirements: Luxurious, soft, longer pile.

The children's bedroom

A child's bedroom can be slightly more practical than an adult’s. Small children will normally play on the floor, so a soft, cosy carpet is ideal - however, remember it will need to withstand the rigours of play. Easy clean technology could be the solution here - it helps to prevent stains from any spillages or messy toys. Another simple tip for hiding potential spillages is a patterned carpet.

Requirements: Patterned, stain resistant, durable, soft.

Information courtesy of United Carpets and Beds

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