Newsday Tuesday: the growing popularity of gardening

Newsday Tuesday: the growing popularity of gardening

Posted 10th Jul 2018 by Peter Byrne

Gardening has become an increasingly popular trend amongst millennials it has been found, with the amount of young households enjoying gardening at an all-time current high of 29 per cent

The rise of the hobby now has everyone longing to have their own 'green haven', yet they're slightly less willing to admit to not having the time or confidence to garden.

We're also showing our new-found gardening 'prowess' by bringing our plants indoors, as cacti, aloes and air plants are all making their way into our homes.

A study, conducted by Airtasker, has managed to break the new breed of gardeners down:

- The late bloomers: these are eager gardeners in their 30s and 40s. They've become increasingly keen on gardening as they've grown older, but lack confidence.

- The millennial gardener: born between the early 80s and 00s, this age group will have found gardening through platforms including Pinterest and Instagram. Gardening fits right into many millennials' obsessions with self-improvement and wellness, while also getting a boost to their social credibility.

- The eco-gardeners: this group are looking for a more sustainable ways to garden, as they act with greater consideration towards their environment and wildlife.

- The entertainers: this group views their garden as an entertainment area, resulting in boosted sales across garden furniture sets, outdoor lighting, and barbecues.

The power of social media means green-fingered millennials are now switching to the latest gardening trends, which include the more 'fashionable', low-maintenance plants that increase your social 'cred'.

Pinterest has reported the search for indoor plants have increased by 90 per cent in 2017, with Terrariums, Cactus plants and Tropical plants all moving up in the ranks too.

One of the big reasons for an interest in gardening is undoubtedly social media. The 'instagrammable' cultivations, also called 'plant porn' has dethroned 'food porn' with interest in garden-related content online continuing to surge. However, it goes beyond social media too, with people also looking to nurture a plant to achieve some 'adulting points' and the 'wellness' factor. With self-care a hot topic now, gardening fits in with the shift in priorities. Plants will benefit your health and transform small, and otherwise unappealing spaces into havens of tranquillity.

With our interest in gardening soaring, it has led to new trends making the 'it-list' for 2018, including:


With our living spaces getting smaller, urban gardeners are getting smarter with how they use the space that's available to them. Traditional grassy lawns and rambling veggie patches are out.

Beautiful balconies

Those who are lucky enough to rent a flat with a decent balcony space have adapted to balcony gardening, experimenting with things like fragrant herbs and shady jungle plants.


2017's colour of the year is sticking around, with it proving a big hit with millennials. The Garden Trends Report for 2018 revealed 66 per cent of people are growing edible plants in their kitchen, and the 'grow your own' movement is not going anywhere any time soon.

Breath of fresh air

Searches on Google for 'air purifying plants' and 'aloe vera' have increased by an amazing 550 per cent year on year since 2017. At the same time, Compost Direct has revealed 52 per cent of people are using houseplants to purify the air in their homes.

With gardening becoming a more and more popular pastime with the younger generations, Airtasker research found it is also among the largest tasks that people are willing to outsource. It may be popular at the moment but with 30 per cent simply not having the skills or tools to carry out the tasks, young people are starting to become more mindful to the benefits of greenery.

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