10 ways to create your dream interior

10 ways to create your dream interior

Posted 20th Apr 2018 by Peter Byrne

Do you wish you could create a picture-perfect home which is worthy of Pinterest? Or maybe you get interiors envy whilst flicking through the pages of your latest copy of HomeStyle...

Well, to set you on your way, Homesense are celebrating their 10th anniversary by getting you exclusive insights from 10 hidden heroes of the industry.

Whether it's transforming a selection of clear glass vases to become a blooming and beautiful display or expertly choosing an eclectic range of cushions to pull a look together - these unseen stars will help you create a home you can be proud of.

1 Diana Civil

Artificial plants are my top styling secret of the moment - they add that perfect finishing touch to any interior. They provide an instant splash of colour and burst of greenery that can really increase the wow factor of a room. Fake foliage is all the rage and has moved away from those naff, plastic plants of the past- they're now amazingly realistic.

Consider working the green trend to the max too. This means go all out with height and structure by using oversized plants such as cheese plants, palms or cacti, and group together smaller plants to style up a table top, windowsill or mantelpiece. Alternatively, why not add an artistic flourish with a collection of hanging plants? This creates a garden-like feature wall.

Fakery is fabulous and fuss free too - you don't need to worry about watering, positioning, maintenance or bugs, and can instead opt for lush, exotic and tropical species which will look good all year round.

No fail colour scheming is another big one - if you're unsure how to choose a starting point for your scheme, a simple trick is to buy one fabric item that you love for the room - this could, for instance, be a patterned cushion or curtain for the living room or duvet cover for the bedroom. You can then use this as a template for the room scheme. Designers will do a lot of research to ensure the colours work perfectly so you will know it’s a tried and tested colour combination because the designer will have done the matching for you. Pick two or three colours for the design and colour match the tones for the key elements in the room - it sounds simple but works every time.

2 Laurie Davidson

When you're hanging mirrors, consider where they should be placed for practicality - it's also worth taking into account where it will reflect. For instance, if there's a mirror at a height where it reflects a point of interest, such as a chandelier or a vase of flowers, it becomes more visually appealing than a view of 'dead space'.

3 Selina Lake

Create an eclectic tabletop garden display with plants in galvanised metal pots - these can then be arranged with brass lanterns and decorative objects. Another tip is to style the interior of your garden shed; this will be a simple way to make it a more enjoyable space to work from. For instance, a small set of wooden drawers act as a great place to store seeds. 

4 Georgia Gold

As great as colour is, one of the best photography secrets is to go back to basics. Ensure you leave empty space when putting a room or area of your house together, as it naturally creates a focus and balanced setting, allowing the product to speak for itself.

5 Emma Morton Turner

When you're displaying items on shelves or on a table, always group them in an odd number. For some reason, threes seem to work better than fives or sevens. Another way to add interest is to vary the height of the groups.

When you create a table centre, don't be afraid to cut the flower stems short - ie, a few inches below the flower head. Not only will the flower look great when bunched up in a bowl, or individually in a glass or teacup, but guests can then easily talk over them across the dinner table.

When you're decorating a room, start with a big feature - for instance, your sofa or curtains. Then plan the colours and patterns around this item. Ensure it remains the main feature of the room, particularly if it has a bold colour or pattern.

6 Emily Dawe

If you have a lot of books, group them together by colour to create a striking impact. You don't need the full rainbow but stacking all the blue books or all of the green books will have a real visual impact.

If you have one central hallway leading to several rooms, try painting it in a dark shade. If the rest of your rooms are light and bright, this trick of the eye of going from dark to light will make your rooms seem bigger - clever, eh?

If you'd like an expensive fluffy stool but for a fraction of the price, there's a simple way to get one. Buy an inexpensive stool - if it has hairpin legs, even better - then attach a fluffy cushion to the top of it. You may need to use a circular cushion pod, then attach the excess fabric to the underside by using a stapler. Voila - you now have chic on a shoestring budget!

7 Theoda Solms Iles

Summer / winter soft furnishing turnaround

A simple way to get around getting bored with your living or bedroom is to change your cushions and rug seasonally. When you're after a summery look, opt for cushions in linens and cottons, and replace them in the colder months with velvets, weaves and woollen cushions.

Don't stress about where you store the extra set either - you can use the same cushion inners, ideally with feather filled pads, for both summer and winter sets. This way, you will only need to store the cushion covers. The same can also be done with a floor rug, particularly now that flatware rugs are so trendy. These roll or fold up small and can be stored under a bed or in the back of a cupboard. The difference a seasonal rug chance can make is truly priceless.

Wall finishing's

Choosing a wall finish like wallpaper is quite a commitment. Get samples of your favourite papers, that are as large as possible, and tape these sample contenders up in the room they will be going in - leave them to hang for at least a week. This allows you to live with them for a while and to see exactly how they interact with the light in your room.

You could find that after a time, there are some that will fall short, simply because you have already tired of them - one will stand out as the winner. It's also important to look at the wall finishing's in a vertical upright way, as the light will play a big part in how the design and colour appears.

8 Lee Jackson

Creativity is like a muscle. The more it is used, the better and more developed it becomes. You should keep working your creative muscle through any medium - it could be scrapbooks, film making, doodling, painting, tear sheet collages, photography...

One of the most commonly asked questions is 'where do you get your ideas from?' Get out and about - the theatre, cinema, museums, galleries, architecture, travel and keep a creative antenna on at all times - the more epic ideas will come from the most unexpected places.

9 Aurelien Farjon

If you would like to create an arrangement of different picture frames on the wall, cut sheets of paper to the size of them and stick these on the wall first with blue tac. This allows you to test and try different heights. It also allows you to step back and decide if it's the correct time before drilling into the wall. However, make sure the paper is a different enough colour to stand out to the wall - for instance, brown paper on light walls and white paper on dark walls.

10 Cassandra Lisa Marie Doyle

There's a new neutral in town and it's called sage! It works perfectly in a bedroom - you can curate your space using a muted colour palette and use velvet for a statement soft furnishing in trending emerald green or ochre. 

Add a picture shelf to the full length of a wall, using oversized prints to create a sense of height. By grouping small accessories together in odd numbers, you get an effect more pleasing to the eye.

Information courtesy of HomeSense

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