Talking pattern and prints with Annabel Perrin

Talking pattern and prints with Annabel Perrin

Posted 1st Sep 2015

Introducing Annabel Perrin, Queen of the prints! If you haven’t come across any of Annabel’s designs before, then you’re missing out. Featuring vibrant shades and graphic shapes, her homewares are right on trend and affordable, too. What’s not to love?

Hi Annabel! So, tell us a little about yourself and your background? Where did your interest in interiors begin?

‘I’m a surface pattern designer with a range of printed furnishing fabrics, home accessories and giftware, all made in Britain. My collection is bold and colourful, with a nod to mid-century design.

I established my brand in 2013, after creating my first collection titled Architecture, whilst studying a Masters in Design at Manchester School of Art. Before this I studied textiles, and you could say I’ve had a passion for art and design for as long as I can remember. My grandma used to have her own independent shop, selling fabrics and wallpapers by prestigious brands such as Sanderson and Osborne & Little. This must be where my love for interior design comes from!’


What is it you love about pattern design?

‘I enjoy capturing a moment in time and turning it into a colourful, uplifting, nostalgic pattern, which can be used to brighten someone’s home.’

How would you describe your personal style? And how have you integrated it into your home?

‘My love of colour and pattern has certainly made its way into my home, which features a mix of bold, patterned accessories and vintage furniture. It’s an eclectic space, and although not everything matches in my house, the colours I use in each room tie everything together well. Each room is light and bright.’

Could you tell us a little about your favourite design? And where the inspiration came from?

‘One of my favourite designs so far is Pavilion from my Spectrum Collection. This pattern is available on fabric, cushions, tea towels and lampshades. The design incorporates mid-century colours and was inspired by the pavilion building at Avenham Park in Preston (Lancashire), particularly it’s dramatic sculptural roof – hence the name.’

Pavilion fabric

Can you explain the process of creating a fab new pattern – from the idea to the finished piece?

‘When designing each pattern, I’ll consider what I’d like to achieve from the prospective collection as a whole, particularly in terms of the look and feel of the range and also what new products I’d like to introduce. Once this has been established, I’ll start sketching ideas. I use Illustrator to experiment with scale, composition and colour. Eventually I’ll have a series of designs that sit well collectively as well as individually, and then it’s time to start manufacturing. My fabrics are digitally printed locally in the North West and then handmade into cushions, lampshades and tea towels etc.’

Talk us through your AW15 range…

‘This autumn I’m launching the first part of my new Roaming Collection. The Roaming Collection will be made up of a series of sub-ranges, influenced by locations around the world. Part one, titled Uno, is inspired by my exploration of Barcelona and is available from September 2015. The city’s old and new architecture, stunning mosaics and ornate apartments have influenced the new Uno designs. Customers can expect clever colour combinations and full of life abstract patterns on British made products.’

Roaming uno sofa

What do you think makes your designs unique?

‘My designs encourage people to be bolder and more adventurous with colour in their home. The prints are fun and energetic, but also versatile – so appeal to women, men and children, while being suitable for most rooms and environments. Each design has a story behind it, providing a sense of individual flair for customers.’

How have your designs changed throughout the years?

‘I’m gradually introducing more texture into my designs, and many of my prints have increased in vibrancy, as I have favoured striking orange, blue and coral shades. That said, I plan to incorporate a slightly more muted colour palette in my next range, so watch this space!’

What are your top tips for readers looking to integrate pattern and colour into their homes?

1: Use statement accessories, such as cushions, a rug and artwork on the wall to introduce colour and pattern to neutral rooms, without breaking the bank or irritating your landlord!

2: Feel free to mix and match patterns in your room and incorporate different scales. Three to four patterns work well, but limit your colour palette to stop the space looking cluttered or over the top.

3: Combine your patterned accessories with areas of solid colour to make them really stand out. This could be a block coloured wall or a sofa/chair. I have a teal tub chair in my living room and it’s the perfect backdrop for my Spectrum cushion.

Prism collection

Quickfire questions:

Favourite places to shop for homewares?
‘Antique shops, second hand furniture shops, and Ikea’

Designer or high street?

Vintage or brand-spanking new?

Wooden floors or carpet?
‘Wooden floors, although carpet in bedrooms’

Curtains or blinds?
‘Curtains with blinds’

Paint or paper?
‘I like to use both’

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
‘New York’

Are you a spender or a saver?

Best accessory to make your house feel more homely?
‘Cushions or a statement rug’

Your best-ever buy for your home?
‘Two rustic 1960s wardrobes, which I got for a bargain and up-cycled’

Biggest decorating blunder?
‘I haven’t had one yet - touch wood!’

SS or AW?


The last thing you bought for your home?
‘A 1970s copper coffee table’

The next thing you’re planning to buy for your home?
‘A new bathroom!’


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