Be a HomeStyle cover star

If you’ve ever fancied yourself as the leading face of a top publication, now could be your chance! We’re on the hunt for the very best home makeovers in the UK to grace the pages of our magazine – so if you think your home fits the bill, we'd love to hear from you. Simply email a picture of yourself in your favourite room to along with some photos of your home.

We’ve spoken to our June covergirl Anna Lysik to find out about her covergirl experience with HomeStyle.


What was it like having your home photographed for HomeStyle?
It was an incredible experience, but I was very nervous beforehand. However, the photographer, Katie, made me feel really relaxed and she was so friendly that before I knew it I forgot how nervous I was. It was a super exciting experience to see Katie work, and it also made me feel proud of my home.
What was your favourite part of having your home photographed for HomeStyle? 
I loved seeing behind the scenes of a professional photoshoot. I often take shots of my home for my blog and for Instagram, but there are loads of other things I have never considered and I learned a lot seeing Katie in action! 
How did you prepare for the shoot? 
I wanted to make sure everything looked pretty so I restyled a few areas like the cushions on my sofa and my bedding a few times before I was happy with the results. 
Did you learn anything from the photographer? 
Katie has an incredible eye and I realised that sometimes less is more, she also encouraged me to experiment with some different angles and close ups which I have already put into practice on my Instagram @idontcrampmystyle
What advice would you give to future HomeStyle cover stars? 
Relax! And be prepared to be on hand with the photographer to help move things around. Also enjoy it – because it’s a fun day and an unforgettable experience. 


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