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Want to know more about HomeStyle magazine? You've come to the right place.

is packed with the best high street buys, before-and-after room makeovers (at least seven an issue!), decorating secrets and fast fix projects, to give you the confidence to become fearlessly creative.

is the designer friend you’ve always wanted; the bargain hunter that knows all the insider tricks; the stylist whose ideas you’re just dying to copy; the builder with money-can’t-buy contacts. It's the all-in-one bible for home lovers on a budget. 

wedges itself between perfectly pinnable décor and us normal owners and renters, and whispers, ‘Yes, you can do that! Just open the pages and let me show you how.’ 

HomeStyle is everything you've ever looked for in a homes magazine. It's fun, friendly and unearths the most incredible bargains and ideas that'll have you jumping up and down in excitement – and it's only £1.95!


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For all HomeStyle magazine subscription enquiries, call 03330 135 8961 from the UK or 01604 266372 from overseas. Alternatively, you can email homestyle@buysubscriptions.com

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Senior brand sales executive: Heather Golden

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